Who’s Who

Chairman: Neil Burton
Pet Owners Parliament Member No: POP4515

Neil is an experienced dog warden, animal welfare supporter and chairman of the National Dog Warden Association. His experience of hands-on dog control issues, knowledge of canine legislation and skills acquired through chairing the National Dog Warden Association are invaluable assets for C-fidos.

Chief Executive: Ryan O’Meara
Pet Owners Parliament Member No: POP7504

Ryan is a former dog trainer and now publisher of pet magazines and websites. He is the founder of the Pet Owners Parliament, published author and is the UK ambassador for World Animal Day. He is dedicated to a number of animal welfare causes and spends considerable time commenting in the media on issues related to responsible dog ownership.

Dangerous Dogs Act Steering Group Head: Alison Green
Pet Owners Parliament Member No: POP3324

Alison is a long time dog owner and dangerous dog legislation observer. She heads up the C-fidos DDA steering group alongside DDAWatch (www.dangerousdogsact.co.uk). She is experienced in campaigning for reform of the Dangerous Dogs Act and has been involved in a number of DDA related cases and is an anti Breed Specific Legislation campaigner.

Homeless Dogs Steering Group Head: John Robinson
Pet Owners Parliament Member No: POP4761

John Robinson has run a successful business for twenty years. He is a life-long dog owner and maintains a keen interest in dog training and behavioural theories and methodologies. Together with his wife, he works with a small independent rescue, Rescue Remedies, assisting with administration, fostering and associated tasks. He has three dogs and no children. John has a keen interest in initiatives that can benefit the UK rescue and welfare system.

C-fidos Local Authority Liaison Manager: Janet Gibson
Pet Owners Parliament Member No: POP7034

Janet is the Senior Animal Welfare Officer for a Local Authority and has been in the post for 15 years. She is also manager of the dog warden service and responsible for licensing of all animal related premises. As well as being a qualified veterinary nurse, Janet also holds a BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare, ILEX law degree, 2x C&G’s. Animal Welfare and Pet store management.

C-fidos Partnership Coordinator: Karen Lawe

Karen is a professional in the field of sales and marketing but first and foremost she’s ‘dog bonkers’ enthusiast for man’s best friend. Her first experience of living with a dog was with a Kerry Blue Terrier when she was a child and it was this breed she first handled, groomed and saw pups born. She came away from the breeder & show world by the time she was 17 becoming far more interested in the life of the pet dog, their relationships with us which lead me on to rescue awareness in my early twenties.

Karen has been a volunteer in many capacities for the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People for over five years and has been active in fundraising for the charity. She has been involved in fostering and socialising and has been utilised by rescues as a home-checker and dog assessor. For the last year she has been running a small pet dog training club in South Harrow where she was previously a trainer.

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