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Nov 3rd, 2008 | By admin | Category: Featured Articles

Spread the word: help drive up dog ownership standards!

Download our ‘Making Dog Ownership Better For All’ poster.

Print some off and distribute them to your nearest vets, pet shops, dog training schools, breeders and any other place where dog owners gather.

Working To Improve Dog Ownership for All | C-fidos Poster (1.7mb PDF)

If you can place the poster in a public (with permission) or private venue where it is likely to be seen by dog owners, grab a photograph and email it (along with your POP membership number) to and we will reward you with 100 POP points.

POP (Pet Owners Parliament) Points are available to members of the Pet Owners Parliament and are designed to incentivise POP members to help spread the message and bring awareness to the aims and objectives of the Pet Owners Parliament. At the end of the year the members with the most POP points will be rewarded with some great pet related prizes.

Do you run a dog related website or organisation?

Do you support the 7 principles of The Coalition For Improved Dog Ownership Standards?

1) That dogs and society in the UK would benefit from a nation of better informed dog owners
2) That dog related legislation should be fair and not based on breed type
3) That the UK should strive to address and reduce the number of dogs surrendered to shelters
4) That all dog owners should be made aware of the principles of the Animal Welfare Act
5) That all potential dog owners should be better informed as to how to select responsible suppliers of dogs
6) That irresponsible suppliers and producers of dogs should be properly legislated against
7) That educating young people about dogs is to the great benefit of dogs and society in the future

Would you like to become an official C-fidos affiliate?

In return for your support and efforts to promote the 7 principles of C-fidos we can add your website / organisation details to our official affiliates page.

Simply add our banner or logo (below) to your website with a link – perhaps alongside some words as to why your support the principles of C-fidos – then let us know using the form below. We will then add your details to our affiliates page.

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