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If you would like to join the Coalition For Improved Dog Ownership Standards please use the short form below and we will send you the information you need to become either a supporter or join our steering group.

Joining is totally free.

You can join as a supporter or can apply for a position on our steering group.

Supporters will instantly be added to the coalition. The more supporters, the larger the coalition and the more impact we can make on the issues we campaign on.

Our steering group requires people who have experience in any area which could assist us with projects and initiatives related to one or more of our 7 founding principles:

1) That dogs and society in the UK would benefit from a nation of better informed dog owners
2) That dog related legislation should be fair and not based on breed type
3) That the UK should strive to address and reduce the number of dogs surrendered to shelters
4) That all dog owners should be made aware of the principles of the Animal Welfare Act
5) That all potential dog owners better informed as to how to select responsible suppliers of dogs
6) That irresponsible suppliers of dogs should be correctly legislated against
7) That educating young people about dogs is to the great benefit of dogs and society in the future

As a member of our steering group you could contribute in any number of ways, such as:

  • Assisting us with policy / campaign decisions
  • Writing articles and contributing content from your area of interest
  • Updating us with latest position statements from within your area of interest
  • Supplying resources for supporters and visitors to download
  • Attending C-fidos meetings and events
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